The story of Two photographers

He Said

I'm Aaron, nice to meet you! I am an American portrait and editorial/commercial photographer currently living in Madrid, Spain, with my wife, and seven y/o son. 

Collaborating with amazing humans to produce creative, modern portraits and headshots is my primary vocation; but, I also love using my camera to work with couples, families, and travelers to this romantic city, Madrid. ...So Elizabeth and I decided to start The New Antiquarians, a creative photo studio focused on people with a unique and authentic story to tell outside of the traditional paths of life.


Hi Y’all, I’m Elizabeth the other half of The New Antiquarians! For the last several years I’ve been running a subscription box business for families, which has given me a ton of experience in family and lifestyle photography. We were always creating new, photos and videos, so I know the ins/outs of working with kids of all ages (...and reluctant partners!).⁠

But my photography roots go deeper than that, I’m originally trained as a film photographer (no not movies, I mean back before everything became digital)!⁠ I would create a story that started with the lens, and moved into the darkroom creating my own prints. Most importantly, I’m passionate about telling stories through words and images… in fact as a book nerd I understand the power of both in our lives⁠


When people are polite, they refer to us as courageous or adventurous for selling everything and taking a leap of faith. Yet, the truth is probably closer to we're crazy about being authentic and passionate, even when it has us quixotically tilting at windmills. And no lie, this is not a fairy tale or a comfortable journey, but it's brought so much to our lives and changed the way we see the world! 

When I mentioned that we're quixotic, it's true, let me back up and start from the beginning...after a combined 20 years in non-profit work, we sold everything: house, cars, furniture, my beloved toolbox, and wood workshop, and moved with our 7-year-old son to Madrid. The story we were living wasn't our story anymore, and it needed a new beginning. Our flare for literature landed is un the Barrio de las Letras in Madrid where we feel at home...despite our poor Spanish speaking skills.

There is a lot more to the story to tell, but you will have to stick around or buy us a Vermouth (Fot-Li is our favorite) to get the rest of the story. 

Lets Start Your Journey

Capturing Your Story

We chose The New Antiquarians because that's sort of the people we are. We've always felt older than our years, and we believe deeply in the power of storytelling and being adventurous, and of course, we love a good book! We believe this life is ours, and it's our story to create, and if this means something to you, it's your story too! Let us write a chapter with you ...and create beautiful images in your history together.

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“The New Antiquarians are absolutely amazing!!! Whether you live in Madrid or are visiting for the first time, Aaron is so wonderful to work with and creates an incredible product! His strong work ethic, care, and creativity is evident as he got to know my family before our session even began and was so patient and kind throughout, even with little ones! He even gave us a super interesting walking tour of the city as he took our pictures- such a highlight of our time in Spain! His pictures we will treasure.”

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